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Compelling Case

We ensure that the improvement of your KPIs and measurements of success together with the measurable improvement of the user/customer experience is our highest priority that informs our design decisions and technology solutions.

We assess your current system/s based on observation and diligence of actual users accomplishing their goals in the real world.

In addition, we review your current system/s, study your business processes, and analyze applicable operational statistics and related data to fully understand problem areas, make inferences and identify opportunities.

We select the 7 - 12 most frequent and/or important end-to-end tasks or user stories (per persona type) and proceed mapping these tasks to better understand users' likes, dislikes, challenges, opportunities, interaction design, usability and visualization.

We measure satisfaction and efficiency.

Our diligence and knowledge gained guides our recommended solution, which is further influenced by industry standards and best practices. Collaborating with you and at all times, we review and iterate our proposed solution - conceptual to detailed design.

We perform user testing as well as measure the proposed 7 - 12 most frequent and/or important end-to-end tasks or user stories (per persona type) and validate them for improved efficiency and satisfaction.

We apply our calculated measurable improvements to your KPIs and measurements of success to establish the ROI of the design solution - for example, if dealing with an end-to-end billing dispute that currently takes 7 minutes has been improved by an overall 30%, the AHT reduction (average handling time) will be reduced to a little less than 5 minutes.

In turn, our demonstrated KPI improvements are applied to the customer’s operational statistics like volume of a particular task over time, agent cost per minute, etc.

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